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Creatine Creapure 600g

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  • Tartalmak: 600 g

A mixture of creatine and taurine!

Eredeti ár 4 286 Ft
Ár 2 967 Ft
Meg fogsz spórólni:: 1 319 Ft

Due to its effects, creatine supplementation has found use in various sports, so it is no wonder that it currently ranks among the most popular and available nutritional supplements on the market.

FitMax® CREATINE Creapure® is a proprietary blend based on creatine monohydrate, a natural substance that converts in the body into creatine phosphate, which in turn forms adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the main energy source in the body. Higher concentration of ATP allows longer and more intense workouts, significantly increases strength, improves performance and endurance of muscle work. In addition, it promotes muscle growth, improves muscle cell hydration and reduces recovery time. To accelerate creatine transport and absorption, FitMax® CREATINE Creapure® has been enriched with taurine.


  • the purest form of creatine
  • supports ATP creation
  • increases strength, performance and endurance
  • promoting muscle growth
  • reduces the time required for regeneration

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